About the project

We are all regularly looking for: either a contractor for a specific job, or a customer for our own services. And, we spend much time and effort on this! Conventional Internet search engines, standard online ad sites, all kinds of online or offline advertising - all this works, but it requires much attention, don’t you think so? We know that! That is why we created and launched ineed project in 2017. We are sure: thanks to him, your searches both for specialists for the required domestic or corporate work, and customers for your business will be more convenient and faster! How is this possible?

How does ineed work?

The principle of organizing ineed service is very simple. A person who needs a specialist to repair household appliances, experienced massage therapist or designer to design business cards, visits our website and would find, in a few minutes, a specialist in the right region with the right terms of rendering the required services in our database. The only thing to do is to contact him through the site and agree on the desired date and place - simply, confidential and absolutely safe to pay!

Why you should choose ineed?

Someone may rush to say that similar services already exist in Ukraine. But we will convince you: with ineed you will have many advantages. The most important of them are as follows:

  • Big choice. Although our project is still young, we have attracted thousands of contractors and customers of various categories across Ukraine: from construction work to advertising services, from computer assistance to pet care. Finding what you need is easy!
  • Maximum convenience. Using our site is comfortable for both parties. A logical, user-friendly interface, quick search, easy registration, functional personal account and attentive support service - we paid attention to everything to make working with ineed comfortable.
  • Real benefits. We want customers to save their money, and contractors to earn decent money with us. Therefore, we have a minimum service commission. It is thanks to it that the prices for services are attractive, and the cost of attracting customers is lower than through common advertising.

Although why a lot of words and promises? Just try ineed service yourself and you will quickly appreciate all its advantages. Regardless of what you are looking for today: contractor or customer!