How to become a specialist

1. To become a contractor, you need to register. Use “Register” button at the top of the page. Having received a confirmation letter by e-mail, complete your registration. You can also register using “Facebook” and “+ Google.” social networks. When you register, complete your work schedule. This information is important when ordering services.
In your personal account, you can adjust your settings: add services, description to them, add a profession, or change your work schedule, etc.

2. You, as a specialist, will be provided with a list of areas of activity. Having decided and chosen your type, you will be able to choose several professions that will be fixed in your card. For each profession, it will be possible to add a description of the service provided, set a price, add pictures of the work performed, etc.

3. Now replenish the account for the amount transferred to the company for using the service after conclusion of a transaction between the customer and specialist. After every transaction, this amount should be transferred to your account to keep a specialist’s card serviceable.

4. Upon receipt of a request from the customer, you will receive a notification in your account and via sms. Having reviewed requirements of a specific customer, you can confirm the order or reject it. When you confirm an order, a transaction is concluded and the customer will receive a notification.